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Last Updated: 02/14/2018

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  The programmers at RS TECH were watching a Nashville Predators away game on TV. When the Preds scored we said, "wow we are missing the goal horn & song".  With that we decided to program our NAO robot to perform that for us (YouTube video)!  We're an authorized NAO distributor in Middle Tennessee, our NAO and RoboKiosk® are available for parties and events!

PredsFanRobot Tavern 96

PredsFanRobot Cheering on the Preds at Tavern 96

PredsFanRobot Preds Watch Party Bridgestone Arena

PredsFanRobot Cheering on the Preds at Bridgestone Arena

PredsFanRobot Cool Springs Brewery

PredsFanRobot Cheering on the Preds at Cool Springs Brewery

PredsFanRobot Welcome Home Preds at Airport

PredsFanRobot Welcoming home the Preds at Signature Flight

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