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Motoman RobotsYaskawa Motoman Robot Programming

Motoman Robot Projects

One of our specialties is teach pendant programming services for Yaskawa Motoman Robot Controllers: RX, ERC, MRC, XRC, NX100, DX100, DX200, and the FS100.

Every Motoman Robot Programmer on staff has a minimum 3 years experience with industrial robotics & automation equipment. Each Yaskawa Motoman programmer is familiar with robotic applications: Mig / ARC, Projection, &/or Spot Welding, Part Handling, Water Jet Cutting, Router Cutting, Laser Measurement & Cutting, Ink Jetting, & Dispensing.

We have the latest off-line programming software; MotoSim® EG - VRC used for NX100, DX100, DX200, and FS100 controllers.  We also have MotoSim EG which we use for ERC, MRC, and XRC controllers.

Offline programming can save customers time and money.  While new equipment is being built, CAD information can be used to do a majority of the robot programming.  Simulations, reach studies, and cycle times are analyzed in a virtual world.  The programs created can then be transferred directly to the Yaskawa Motoman Robotic Controllers.

For new model changes and equipment re-tooling, again a major part of the programming can be done off-line on a computer.  This allows the production equipment to remain up and running producing revenue while new robot programs are created.

We work with our manufacturing customers to help them reduce cycle times and increase production. We provide assistance in many ways; PLC programming, Robot programming, Setup, Wiring, light Machining, and many other Automation services.

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