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Last Updated: 11/28/2020


We're a customer-oriented company in business since March, 2000 as a provider of Automation Programming Services. We take pride in the many long-term partnerships we've developed with our customers, contractors, equipment manufacturers, and distributors.

Industrial Robotics

Our Founder and current CEO started programming industrial robots in 1994.  During these 20+ years he's been fortunate to work with many great people.

 Below are some of the Robotic Automation production manufacturing applications we've worked with: Mig, ARC, Projection, and Spot (servo or pneumatic) Welding. Other applications include; Part Handling, Machine tending, Water Jet Cutting, Router Cutting, Laser Measurement, Laser Cutting, Ink Jetting, Sealing, Painting, & Dispensing.  One of our customers biggest requests is for Industrial/Production Robot Programmers who specialize in cycletime reduction.

Our Robotic Programmers work with your company's engineering, maintenance, and/or production teams to help achieve the best automation solutions for your manufacturing applications.  We have the ability to learn other brands but our programming experience and focus is with Yaskawa Motoman, Fanuc, and other Collaborative robots.

Mobile Robots for on-site R&D

RoboKiosk is a product we created to help customers with Research and Development (R&D), Proof of Concept Trials, and Demonstrations.  It's our mobile robot approach to easily and inexpensively move fully articulated robotic arms from one location to another at a customer's factory, shop, or store.

Our 1st version #RoboKiosk #eggsandwichrobot appeared on BBC One Television "Tomorrow's Food" episode 3

RS TECH's RoboKiosk working as a Robotic Bartender.  In the YouTube video, link below, our Robotic Bartender is serving up a bottle of Angry Orchard Hard Cider, a bottle of Heineken Lager into a plastic cup, and 2 cups of New Castle Brown Ale.


Collaborative Robotics

Collaborative is a term quickly growing in the robotics industry.  Robots working in collaborative environments with people is now easier.  RS TECH has the personnel and experience to help make sure your company is compliant.

If RS TECH cannot provide your company with exceptional robotics and automation programming services, we will help you find a company who can!

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